Learn how CaminoSoft’s advanced Managed Server HSM™ solutions can benefit and optimize your organization’s business operation:

Easily differentiate “need to have” production files from “infrequently accessed” reference files.
Keep production files instantly accessible in high-performance storage.
Automatically migrate reference files to a lower-cost online storage pool.
Maintain user views and access to reference files---always available when needed.
Dramatically reduce administration: No need to manage, backup/restore ALL files in primetime.
Back up and restore servers in 70-80% less time without compression or additional hardware.
Extend the life of existing servers and storage resources by 2-3 years.
Save more than $100,000 on SAN implementation or expansion of an existing SAN.
Increase IT and user productivity, and never run out of server disk space again!

See Managed Server HSM for NetWare and Windows 2000/2003 in action! All webinars are held on Wednesdays; they start at 8:00 AM Pacific and run for 45 minutes, including Q&A. Please indicate the number of office locations that will be participating, and we will send you the webinar dial-in instructions. RSVP today for one of these sessions at

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