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Protect Essential Information Cost Effectively

OFFSite Archive for Netware is a new disaster recovery/data vault solution provides two configurations for data protection: direct remote-vaulting over a low-speed network link or high-speed mirroring to a standby server first, and then remote-vaulting. The product supports multiple communications methods and server types. This allows you to preserve your investment in existing infrastructure while providing greater protection for essential corporate information. OFFSite Archive for Netware enables you to provide a quick and low-cost solution to meet disaster recovery mandates of regulators and corporate risk-managers.


OFFSite Archive protects the value of your corporate information in two ways: using local high-speed mirroring with server fail-over; and using low-speed, low-cost network based transport to a remote data vault machine. In either case, recovery times are minimized so the value of the information to the corporation is enhanced.

Reduces Communications Costs

Unlike other solutions, OFFSite Archive reduces communication costs. For local mirroring, where nothing else will do, you get a high-cost, high-speed dedicated connection. But for remote data vaulting, where lower speed has little impact, you can use low-cost, high-latency communication links (modem, Frame Relay, ISDN, T-1, and the Internet)

Ensures Data Integrity

OFFSite Archive uses SnapShotServer technology to ensure data integrity between the source and remote sites. Data transfers can be scheduled so data is current to within minutes at the remote site, and in a consistently stable and verifiable state.

Smoothes Operations

Tapes do not have to be transported offsite for archiving purposes. Multiple point-in-time blocks can be stored and rolled back using SnapShotServer.

Preserves Your Investment

Since OFFSite Archive supports multiple processor-types and server platforms, you don't have to change a single existing server to benefit from CaminoSoft's powerful disaster recovery/remote data vaulting solution.

Reduces Risk

Lost files have grown rapidly from a mere annoyance to a serious business-threatening problem, including closure of the business itself. OFFSite Archive helps mitigate that risk dramatically.

Key Features

Compatible with NetWare 4.X, 5.X, and 6.0
Combines local high-availability (with automatic fail-over) with a solid point-in-time disaster recovery solution
Can be configured in two ways: direct remote vaulting over a low-speed link, or high-speed mirroring to a standby server first, then remote vaulting
Supports the NetWare platform
Uses SnapShotServer technology to ensure data integrity
Reduces image period between local and remote data to minutes
Software enables one remote server to handle many primary servers