Bank Department is Up and Running 24 Minutes after 9/11 Terrorist Attack!

OFFSite Archive (OSA) solution and services. Creative system administrator configured system to be geographically distributed and independent. Planned and wrote code for optimized, rapid restoration of services in event of a disaster (one-to-many server replication, viewed from central source).Over $23 Million might have been Saved if Entire East Coast Bank had Implemented Offsite Archive Solution!

Barney Metzner, IT Systems Manager, Health Sciences, University of New Mexico

Remarks: “[With Managed Server HSM], we have been able to amass a considerable amount of data without investing in a storage area network (SAN).”

“Your customer support has been fast and professional, with quick answers and recommendations to any of my questions.”

“The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center spends about one-eighth as much for storage as similar institutions that have implemented a SAN with capacity comparable to the Center’s file storage servers. We have been able to offer our users nearly unlimited storage for their business, research, and education-related files. We can do it without spending a lot of time and money adding capacity to our primary servers, employing more staff to train users, or restricting storage use.”

“With the dramatic drop in the price of SAN solutions, we are looking at them as a way to increase performance, flexibility, and reliability, but Managed Server HSM will continue to be a part of our storage strategy.”