Caminosoft announces active archive management software certification on hp storage works

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif–April 30, 2007 –CaminoSoft Corp. (OTC.BB:CMSFNews), a leading provider of Active Archive Management (ILM) solutions for Microsoft Windows 2000/2003, Novell NetWare and NetApp Filer environments, today announced that its Managed Server HSM™ software has been certified for HP StorageWorks and Reference Information Storage System (RISS).

“CaminoSoft has been a member of the HP ILM Partner Program since 2004. Our solutions enable organizations to reclaim production storage resources on Windows, NetWare and NetApp source servers by archiving inactive files to a wide range of HP network storage targets,” said Steve Crosson, CaminoSoft’s chief operating officer. “As a result of our recent HP certification, files managed by Managed Server HSM Software can be seamlessly archived, managed and retrieved from HP StorageWorks RISS archival storage pools and supporting storage subsystems.”
CaminoSoft’s storage management solutions automate the archival, recall and retention of files across an unlimited number of storage tiers, performing these functions transparently from the standpoint of system users. Key customer advantages include reclamation of expensive high-performance storage for active files; dramatic reduction in the amount of time needed for backup (and recovery in the event of an outage); and facilitation of compliance with corporate and industry regulations governing file retention and deletion.

Managed Server HSM Software interoperable with HP StorageWorks RISS is now available and shipping.

About CaminoSoft   CaminoSoft Corp. is a developer and manufacturer of software solutions that store, manage and safeguard vast quantities of data generated in a wide range of businesses and applications. The company’s Active Archive Management solutions for Microsoft Windows 2000/2003, Novell NetWare and NetApp Filer environments include comprehensive administrative policies that allow organizations to reclaim storage resources, improve operational efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance. CaminoSoft has established alliances with industry-leading technology partners, and the company markets its Storage Management and High Availability solutions worldwide through commercial distributors, value-added resellers, and systems integrators. For further information, visit   This release may contain forward-looking statements that reflect the management’s current views of future events and operations. These forward-looking statements are based on assumptions and external factors, including assumptions relating to regulatory action, capital requirements and competing products. Any changes in such assumptions or external factors could produce significantly different results.
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