Caminosoft announces enhanced file system archiving software for oes linux servers

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LOS ANGELES, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)—August 31, 2010–CaminoSoft Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Active Archiving solutions for Microsoft Windows 200X, Network Appliance (NetApp) and Novell NetWare environments, announced today the availability of new Managed Server HSM for OES-Linux.

CaminoSoft’s Managed Server HSM™ OES-Linux software delivers key file archiving advantages for organizations by:
Managing data storage in an automated, intelligent manner based on administrator-defined policies, reducing IT management overhead, manual intervention, and costly mistakes. Optimizing primary storage (e.g. expensive SAN storage) utilization by continually differentiating active production files from infrequently accessed reference files and archiving the latter to less-expensive storage, such as SATA disk storage and/or purpose-built archival platforms. Enabling backup solutions to focus on protecting production files and a significantly smaller amount of reference information for archived files, reducing the time required for backup. Shortening the time required to perform full server (disaster) recovery by restoring only production files and relevant reference information for archived files. Providing end-users with transparent access to all of their stored files, including original attributes and directory structures—without administrator involvement. According to Neil Murvin, Chief Technology Officer at CaminoSoft, “Managed Server HSM for OES Linux eases the transition to OES-Linux for our existing customers and offers new file system archiving alternatives to anyone utilizing OES-Linux to serve files to their users. For many of our existing customers, the benefits are two-fold: (1) NetWare volumes containing already-archived files can be converted ‘in-place’ allowing all previously archived files to remain archived during the transition and accessible from their OES-Linux servers after the transition; (2) middle-tier storage previously required by some archival storage platforms can be eliminated during the conversion by linking the file system directly to the archived files”.

Murvin continued, “For any organization utilizing OES-Linux as a file server, this product offers new options for file system archiving by providing policy-based file archival to storage platforms including EMC Centera, IBM Tivoli (TSM), HP IAP, tape libraries and a host of others.”

About CaminoSoft

CaminoSoft Technologies, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of software solutions that store, manage, and safeguard vast quantities of data created in a wide range of business and application settings. CaminoSoft’s active archiving solutions for Microsoft Windows 200X, Network Appliance (NetApp), Novell NetWare and OEX-Linux include comprehensive administrative policies that allow organizations to reclaim storage resources, dramatically reduce backup and recovery time, control file retention, and achieve regulatory compliance. The company’s Storage Management and High Availability solutions are available worldwide through commercial distributors, value-added resellers, and systems integrators. For further information, visit

Managed Server HSM is a trademark of CaminoSoft Technologies, Inc.

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