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SIMI VALLEY, Calif—January 5, 2012 –CaminoSoft Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Active Archiving solutions for Microsoft Windows, NetApp and Novell NetWare/OES Linux, today announced that its Managed Server HSM™ software has been enhanced to provide primary file system deduplication.  “CaminoSoft’s Managed Server HSM product has focused on the relentless archival of inactive files to other tiers of storage in order to keep primary storage lean and backups running efficiently,” said Steve Crosson, CaminoSoft’s chief executive officer.  He continued, “One way to improve the effectiveness of our product is to predict which files are likely to become inactive and act on them sooner – and duplicate files are a perfect fit.” Crosson noted that the rising adoption of SSD technology and recent upturn in the cost of traditional disk storage has increased the need for improved primary storage management.  He added that unstructured data continues to dominate the growth in storage and Managed Server HSM, now with deduplication, is even better poised to ensure that only active file content remains in costly primary storage. “There are many deduplication products targeting backup storage.  Only a few focus on primary storage and, until now, none has combined deduplication with policy-based file archiving in the way we have.  Our goal is to maximize primary data storage reduction while minimizing impact on performance,” said Neil Murvin, CaminoSoft’s chief technology officer.  He added, “Early recognition and relocation of duplicate content from primary storage works toward that goal – and the benefits flow downstream in the reduction of backup time, bandwidth and media consumption.”CaminoSoft’s storage management solutions enable organizations to set up policies that automate the archival, recall and retention of inactive and duplicate files, performing these functions transparently from the standpoint of users. The software, which requires minimal IT intervention for installation and setup, supports file system archiving across an unlimited number of storage tiers. This allows inactive files to be relocated from Windows, NetApp (IBM N series) and Novell source servers to a variety of storage targets (from simple disk to industry-leading fixed content archival systems).  Policies are easily administered from a central Windows console. Managed Server HSM – Deduplication Edition is now available and shipping.  About CaminoSoft Technologies, Inc.:CaminoSoft is a developer and manufacturer of software solutions that address the storage management of vast quantities of data generated in a wide range of businesses and applications. The company’s Active Archiving solutions for Microsoft Windows, NetApp (and IBM N series), and Novell environments include comprehensive administrative policies that allow organizations to reclaim storage resources, improve operational efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance. CaminoSoft has established alliances with industry-leading technology partners, and the company markets its Storage Management and High Availability solutions worldwide through commercial distributors, value-added resellers and systems integrators. For further information, visit © 2012 CaminoSoft Technoligies, Inc. CaminoSoft, the CaminoSoft logo and Managed Server HSM are trademarks of CaminoSoft Corp.  All other brand and product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.   This release may contain forward-looking statements that reflect the management’s current views of future events and operations. These forward-looking statements are based on assumptions and external factors, including assumptions relating to regulatory action, capital requirements and competing products. Any changes in such assumptions or external factors could produce significantly different results.  Contacts: Steve CrossonCaminoSoft Technologies, Inc. (805) 290-4977

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