Caminosoft enters into Strategic partnership with Divum

We are excited to announce that we have entered into strategic partnership with Divum. Caminosoft has an edge in saving money spent on expensive hardwares.We optimize the existing dataset and use of expensive hardware with the use of proprietary policy engine.We remove the guess work from data management.In the wake of current chip shortage and skyrocketing hardware prices,we are anticipating increased demand of our products.

Caminosoft is a US based company in business since 1998. It has a  policy driven Data Archiving (Hierarchical Storage Management or Data Tiering) product in the market for various verticals- Finance, Healthcare, Government, Education and Telecommunications .

Divum is Bangalore (India) based full service software company with 150 engineers, serving customers across the globe including US. Its software services include Application Management, Data Management and Engineering, and New Product Development. In last 14 years, it has delivered over 1400 products to its customers. 

Divum will help us in enhancing our product line to meet the need of current market with the help of AI,Machine Learning.Wouldn’t it be good to know beforehand about your data usage over the period and set the migration schedule accordingly stay in compliance with data security and privacy.

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