Nearly all companies are experiencing an explosion in the demand for storage, driven particularly by space hungry applications like CAD, multimedia, computer graphics, document imaging, email and, last but not least, user-controlled directories. Meeting the demand for increased storage is only one aspect of this problem. Managing the data intelligently, growing the storage infrastructure cost-effectively and providing users with immediate access to all of their files are the real challenges.CaminoSoft’s Managed Server HSM™, Centera Proven Edition provides a simple, cost-effective solution for handling the complexities of data storage management. By applying consistent policies, administrators control the location of files as they move through their lifecycle, beginning with high-performance, costly storage (such as SAN arrays), then to less-expensive disk arrays and near-line devices, and eventually to off-line archives. Files archived in such a way tend to become more “fixed” in nature as they move along the storage hierarchy. Centera’s combined features of fixed content optimization, high availability, scalability and lower overall cost of storage make it very attractive as an archive solution for controlling the otherwise explosive growth requirements of an organization’s primary SAN infrastructure.Like our standard Managed Server HSM solution, Centera Proven Edition enables the administrator to configure policies and usage of the “virtual” Central Storage Pool and archive files that are infrequently accessed to the pool. Using additional policies, Centera Proven Edition extends this functionality by providing the ability to archive files further along a storage hierarchy to an EMC Centera. The policy-driven engine provides for “lights-out” operation, reduces the time and space to make backups of the files that are actually changing day-to-day, while providing complete, transparent access by users to all of their data. In addition to leveraging existing storage resources by archiving seldom accessed files, Centera Proven Edition enables administrators to increase their storage capacity without sacrificing performance and data availability. Combining Centera’s compliance features (WORM) with Centera Proven Edition’s ability to specify archived file longevity, regulatory requirements are easily satisfied when needed. Add to this Centera Proven Edition’s policy-based deletion capability and the result is a complete active archive solution.Managed Server HSM Centera Proven Edition Key Features  Provides all the features of Managed Server HSM™ for Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2/2012/    2012 R2 (64-bit available for Windows 2003/2008/2012)
­ Adds support for EMC Centera as Central Storage Pool target device and can be combined with other supported devices (NAS, servers, tape/M-O/DVD-RAM libraries, etc.) Leverages Centera’s compliance features to provide data retentionProvides seamless access to archived files Requires minimal IT intervention allowing for easy implementation Enables full administrative control over archiving activity via comprehensive policy maintenance Maintains policies for all Managed Servers from a single, Windows workstation graphical interface