CaminoSoft’s solution extends Managed Server functionality by providing the capability to archive files from N series Filer network-attached storage devices to more optimal tiers of storage and supported archive platforms.Infinite Storage for Enterprise DataNearly all companies are experiencing an explosion in the demand for storage, driven particularly by space hungry applications like CAD, multimedia, computer graphics, document imaging, email and user-controlled directories. Meeting the demand for increased storage is only one aspect of this problem. Managing the data intelligently, growing the storage infrastructure cost-effectively, and conforming to regulatory mandates for data, while providing users with immediate access to all of their files are the real challenges. N series Edition Offers a Cost-Effective Solution CaminoSoft’s Managed Server HSM™ – N series Edition provides a straightforward, cost-effective solution for handling the complexities of N series data storage management. N Series Edition offers all of the features of CaminoSoft’s standard Managed Server HSM, helping to optimize the usage of available tiers of N series storage. The combined storage options made available by the N series Edition provide a storage hierarchy capable of virtually infinite storage growth with increased data availability and data retention. N Series Edition – How it Works Like our standard Managed Server HSM solution, N series Edition enables the administrator to configure policies to archive inactive files from primary storage to more optimal tiers of storage. By leveraging FPolicy APIs, N series Edition allows the transparent recall of archived files from any supported archive platform. The policy-driven engine provides for “lights-out” operation while providing complete, transparent access by users to all of their data.