CaminoSoft’s Managed Server HSM™ – Tivoli Edition provides a cost-effective solution for managing growing storage requirements on Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows 2016/2019/2022, NetApp , VNX/Celerra, OES, RLES Linux and Cloud storage on AWS,GCP and Azure servers. Its policy-driven engine reduces manual management overhead and provides lower total cost of ownership by archiving seldom-accessed files from higher-cost, production storage to Tivoli and other low-cost storage pools. Managed Server HSM does not interfere with the TSM backup process and, as a result, conforms to the TSM philosophy.Managed Server HSM software accomplishes active archiving as a server-based background task—with no manual operator intervention required. This optimizes the usage of expensive, high-performance primary disk devices, including, but not limited to, storage area network (SAN) resources. By constantly differentiating among seldom-accessed “reference” files, routinely-accessed “production” files, and files which have reached their “end of useful life”, the software selects appropriate candidates to be archived to multiple tiers (disk, tape, optical) and/or deleted when established criteria have been met. This puts powerful storage management policies into the hands of system administrators, enabling them to establish rules that: • differentiate production files from reference files and provide structured control over file retention and deletion decisions;

• are based on a wide range of criteria, such as file type, includes/excludes, creation date, last access date, and modified date;

• monitor and control data archiving (and deletion) per watermarks and in desired operational timeframes to meet business requirements;

• vastly reduce the amount of time needed for backup and recovery, since only active files are impacted during primetime; and,

• reclaim storage space on costly resources, such as SAN, as well as minimize the need for future SAN expansion and expense.

In addition, Managed Server HSM – Tivoli Edition provides these key advantages:

• Makes disk and/or Tivoli storage pool(s) available to multiple servers for automated management of files.

• Provides a consistent, single, view of storage to applications and users, regardless of physical locations of files. Files appear to users in the original folders in which they were stored.

• Non-disruptive expansion makes any added storage provisioned to the storage pool(s) automatically and seamlessly available to all “managed” servers.

• Automatically monitors storage status and archives seldom-accessed files to storage pool(s) routinely and in emergencies to create needed space in production storage.

• Ready for IBM Tivoli Software certified.